For over a decade, Rubycon has been constantly supplying products under its own brand name 'Eurolite' and since the past couple of years, we have been supplying products to other light fittings manufacturers under their own brands.

With access to over 16000 square feet of space, the facilities that we provide are unmatched in the organized lighting manufacturing business in India and with a combined experience of over 40 years in the lighting business, the entire Rubycon team will be at your disposal.

From customizing existing products, to designing and developing products based on your concepts, Rubycon can help you achieve your perfect product.

With end to end integration across manufacturing and supply chains, we can get your products to your customers quicker than ever while keeping strict control over quality. Using pre-approved specifications and the highest quality of raw materials, Rubycon can be your preferred OEM.

To find out more and to schedule a meeting, please email us at info@rubycon.in or call us at 91.22.49744450/51