welcome to rubycon electrical

Rubycon Electrical & Electronic Industries (REEI), a privately owned firm, is one of the largest producer of lighting fixtures in Gujarat. Founded in 1994, with a production area of about 16000 sqft, our products range from interior lighting for offices, all type of  industries including  automotive & paint booth industry, retail, hotels, restaurants, residential areas, warehouses, hospitals and other commercial establishments to exterior lighting used in parking lots, highways, airport & billboards.

We manufacture lighting fittings in sheet metal, extruded aluminium, cast aluminium suitable for all types of light sources such as CFL, T16, T26, mercury, sodium metalhalide, halogen, LED, Induction lamp etc. under the brand name 'Eurolite'. We are ably assisted by staff who are experts in the field of product design, production, administration and techno commercial. Apart from the standard range of luminaries we can conceptualize, design & develop lighting fittings as per the clients requirement as we have done for number of companies across various sectors such as health care, retail, automobiles etc.

REEI customer policy is to deliver top quality products to its customers quickly at attractive prices. As we constantly innovate and expand our product range, our catalogue will never be completely up-to date. Should you need any specific information, do not hesitate to contact our staff, branches or business partners.