The raw materials in the form of CRCA, aluminium, Stainless steel, aluminium extrusion is cut & punched by means of dies, on various power presses. After punching the aluminium extrusion are deburred to enable other pieces to join to one another to form various lighting grid. Also CRCA based light fitting are spot welded & joined together. In case of cast aluminium products, the same is finished so that the surface is smooth and then sent for pre-treatment.


After fabrication, the light fittings are pre-treated in a 8 tank process. After a jet of air blast is forced on the light fitting to be painted, the light fitting painted is back to back in a booth. After powder coating light fitting is sent on the conveyer fot baking in a oven at a preset temperature. The whole process of pre-treatment as well as powder coating, baking is carried out on a hoist and conveyer system.


Subsequently the light fittings are assembled with all components such as ballast, connector, holder, wires on a conveyer belt with the fully automised tools such as pneumatic screw drivers, pneumatic tapper etc.


The light fittings are then tested with the help of Watt loss meter, P.F. meter, megger, and through ELCB for any leakage current.


After assembly, the light fittings are packed and dispatched to the customer.